Ben Pollard is a cinematographer in Derby, offering wedding cinematography services in Derbyshire, Nottinghamshire and across the UK.

Wedding video in derbyshire from ben pollard on Vimeo.

It is likely that you have been looking through the internet searching for a wedding videographer and subsequently found styles that are anything but what you had in mind. Wedding videos have for many over the last few years been a rather tedious uninspiring long winded record of the days events. I create highly emotive enjoyable and very personal crafted wedding movies that perfectly document your wedding day.

Cinematography “The art or technique of movie photography…“ differs from videography in that it has a more pictorial style. The nature of frames per second, the framing of an image and the selection and control of what is or is not in focus defines and differentiates cinematography from video. My long standing experience in stills photography has meant that I have found it very easy to adapt to cinematography, in that the art of framing an image and conveying a sense of mood through lighting, sound and movement of the camera itself are closely linked.

Sound is just as important as picture quality. My investment in the very best ways to record a high quality moving image are also balance with capturing great sound. The sound of peoples voices and also the use of great music is the making of a great film and I combine both to bring meaning and personality to my wedding films.

david and cecelia trailer-vimeo from ben pollard on Vimeo.

“Has never cried so much in all my life!!!!! Our wedding video is beyond beautiful!!!! Lost for words now.. Need to cry again!!! Thank you Ben Pollard you have made us so happy!!!! Xxx”